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Although much progress has been achieved, we still have miles to go before we can say we have created truly diverse and inclusive organizations. What is often missing is a focus on structural change. Organizations don’t become diverse and inclusive without attention to structural changes within the organization and the intention to make structural changes sustainable in the long term. Structural equity is a focus on leveling the playing field for diverse individuals. This focus is on intentionally providing equitable opportunities for all…

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McKinsey & CompanyScientific American, the Catalyst Information Center, and the International Monetary Fund have all conducted research quantifying the value of diversity in the workplace. In study after study, the research consistently shows that there is a substantial positive correlation between diverse leadership teams and financial performance.

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Too often, women, people of color, and other diverse professionals are taught to dim their own light in order not to make others feel bad. By remaining in the box that others put you in, however, you do yourself a disservice. You can challenge the assumptions that people make and the expectations they have about your abilities and performance through the way you carry yourself and behave. Here are five strategies you can use to deal with the conscious and unconscious biases of the people around you…

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