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About Us

DIV & Associates Global Enterprises provides human resource, business consulting, and diversity management to organizations, educational and organizations catering to small and medium-sized businesses lacking resources or expertise to organically grow profits.  With our 20 years of combined business experience, DIV & Associates Global Enterprises provides our clients with strategic consulting and vision, tactical initiatives, learning programs, content creation and ongoing support that enhance our client's competitive advantage and profitability.



“We’re a global group of equity performance improvement consultants.”

As consultants, our job is to guide our clients to achieve their fullest potential.  We have a range of expertise: from analyzing the challenges that teams are facing, to assessing performance improvement needs, to solution design and program development.

Our Approach

DIV and Associates Global Enterprises works on a collaborative basis to customize programs to meet the needs and goals of our clients. Depending upon where your organization is, you may benefit from a simple presentation and assessment to raise awareness about organizational issues and opportunity areas or you may be ready for a more comprehensive strategy and implementation plan that will enable you to achieve your goals. We have the experience, team, and solutions to work with your organization wherever you are along the organizational development continuum.

We work to provide our clients with tailor-made strategies and initiatives. We are results oriented in approach. We measure the results of our work both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We pride services and solutions on developing long-term partnerships with our clients to envision success, develop leaders, and engage champions to make diversity, inclusion and equity goals a reality.

We work with your organization to build a long term strategy with achievable results:

  • Diversity Strategy

  • Organizational Goal Setting

  • Diversity management

  • Strategy Creation and Execution

We assess your organizational culture against our framework:

  • D&I Inventory

  • Focus Group

  • Gap analysis

  • One on One interviews

We empower, inspire, and educate:

  • All Levels

  • All Stakeholders

  • Diversity and organizational training Customization

  • Salable, Repeatable, Turn Key and off the shelf

We help you to measure, learn, improve:

  • Diversity Analytics

  • Inclusive Analytics

  • Strategic Leadership Analytics 

Business Meeting

Consulting Partners

DIV & Associates Global Enterprise partners with experts and Diversity and Inclusion consultants to assist customers with their D&I efforts. Our D&I consulting partners deliver a full set of services including:

D&I strategy and

business case development

​Organizational approach to D&I

D&I business process design and roadmap

D&I Training and Development

DIV & Associates Global Enterprise start with an initial evaluation of your organization and the issues you'd like to cover, and then work alongside you to turn analysis into action. We help you develop decision-driven tactics, create new or improve existing systems and procedures, and define ongoing strategies that will generate tangible results.

We tailor our services and offerings to fit your organization and goals. We work with you to find the solutions necessary to move forward.

Consulting Partners

Global Product Solutions

We offer the resources you need to enhance performance and deliver results. We call these resources Global Product Solutions. Contact us for more information.

Global Product Solutions include everything you need to achieve step-by-step performance improvement:


A briefing document for you,
to refresh your own skills
and knowledge.


A simple implementation guide to build the skills in your teams.


All the support materials you need as ready-to-use, editable files: you own the improvements

Global Product Solutions
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