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Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace


Diversity has been a high-profile issue for years in the business world — but much has changed in how we understand it. That’s why we took a fresh look at diversity training to develop Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace. This LIVE, virtual workshop goes beyond standard "check-the-box" training to provide meaningful reflection, self-assessment and practical, real-world exercises designed to genuinely move teams forward.


Register for this engaging, highly interactive, instructor-led *Virtual course and learn why overcoming the barriers to diversity and developing new habits of inclusivity can benefit you, your team and your entire organization.

  • Workshop Agenda

    Program time: 3 hours

    Session 1: Defining Diversity and Inclusion

    • Discuss the attributes, traits and unique characteristics that make up diverse groups

    • Examine your personal traits and attributes and understand how they contribute in a team setting

    • Explain the value diversity can play in an organization

    • Learn how to recognize and identify the qualities of truly inclusive workplace cultures

    • What does it mean to take an inclusive perspective and how can you build an inclusive perspective with your team?


    Session 2: The Value of Inclusion

    • Identify what inclusion means, distinguishing between inclusion and diversity

    • Understand the moral case for inclusion and how it relates to the Golden Rule

    • Explain the logical case for inclusion and organizational barriers still exist

    • Describe the costs and benefits associated with inclusive and exclusive thinking in the workplace


    Session 3: Foster a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

    • Understand what employees want from a diverse and inclusive workplace and how companies can benefit.

    • Identify characteristics of inclusive leaders and teaching programs that support inclusive cultures

    • Describe ways your organization can achieve the benefits of an inclusive work environment

    • Learn how to handle obstacles and overcome barriers to diversity in the workplace

    The site has courses in categories like leadership development, branding, diversity and inclusion for $599 a year ($49 a month), you get an all-access pass to all the courses on the site. Each class provides video lessons, and a workbook.

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